Gingerbread Subtraction

Today we did a super fun gingerbread subtraction activity to practice story problems and celebrate the gingerbread man!  Ya’ll, we had a blast with this.  They turned out so cute.  It’s such a fun, engaging way to write story problems and practice taking away.  I mean, what more could want from a lesson?!

Gingerbread Subtraction

Step 1:  make a cookie sheet.  You can’t gingerbread cookies without a cookie sheet!
I give each student a piece of aluminum foil and we glue it on construction paper.  Easy peasy.
Step 2:  You gotta “bake” your cookies.
Each student got to pick 1-5 cookies from our “oven”.
Ummm these adorable ninjabread men came from my amazing TBFF (teacher best friend forever) at Jen Hart Design.  She is such a talented teacher and she draws awesome clipart!  Be sure to check her out!!
gingerbread subtraction
Step 3:  Cut out your ninjabread and glue them on the cookie sheet!
Then you have to write your story.  You have to decide how many cookies you have and which friend will eat your cookies.
Then you have to “eat” your cookies by marking an X through the cookies and this is gingerbread subtraction!
gingerbread subtraction
BAM!  Gingerbread subtraction story problems!
gingerbread subtraction
Here is a freebie for ya!  Click to download your copy of the story problem page!
For more gingerbread ideas, grab our Read It Up: Gingerbread
gingerbread man

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