Schedulin Sunday: Christmas 2014 Edition!

People, can you believe it’s the last Schedulin Sunday of 2014????   This school year has FLOWN by!!!  But it’s been an amazing year…so far!!!!  
So, no lesson plans this week.  I have tons of stuff planned….but I know it will all go wonky so I’m not even writing plans…we’re just gonna wing it all week!!!
Are ya ready for my whirlwind week??
Here goes!
We’re kicking off our Reindeer Research project!  
We will read these reindeer books (which by the way, there aren’t many informational text on reindeer out there…someone could be a millionaire if they wrote some great reindeer informational text for little minds…..just sayin)!  Each ‘stache makes their own research journal using the class charts we make whole group!  I am super excited about this!
Monday afternoon will be gingerbread cookie day!!  Since we didn’t get to decorate cookies last week, we’ll do them Monday.  
And people, I hear a rumor that there’s a gingerbread costume involved….not sayin, just sayin!
More reindeer research….
Parent gifts.
The parents loved these so much last year so I’m doing them again.  They were super simple and cheap!
Plates are $1 at The Dollar Tree.
Acrylic Paint (Wal-Mart, Michaels, etc)
Paint students hand.  Print on the plate.  BAKE at 350 for a few minutes to bake the paint on.  Use a sharpie to write their name and year on the plate.  BAM!
We will also read Moosletoe becuase you can’t celebrate Christmas without Moosletoe!  And we’ll make this adorable moose craftivity!
Click the picture to download your free templates for Moosletoe!
Here’s a fun moose snack you can make with Moosletoe!

Click the picture to get your free recipe!
Wednesday we will read Aliens Love Panta Clause!  People, who doesn’t love a book about aliens who love underwear and Santa Clause?!
Then we will make these adorable Santa windsocks!  These are beyond cute hanging from the ceiling!!!!

Click to download your template and instructions!
Here’s another epic fun and cute craftivity for Aliens Love Panta Clause!

Click the picture to get your freebie from my freebies page!
We will make these adorable poinsettas.  I love how amazingly beautiful these turn out each year.  I love how each one is unique, like the child who makes them.  I love the bold read color.   People, I just love them!  
This project is in my Holly Jolly Christmas Creation which is on sale this week!
We also do Stringing Up Sight Words for our sight word assessment!   It’s super fun for the ‘staches, a super fun and engaging way to assess sight words and it’s pretty spectacular seeing all of these lights on display!

This creation is also 20% off this week!
Thursday afternoon is our pizza party.
Friday is polar express pajama day….and a half day….and the faculty and staff Christmas party AT MY HOUSE!
And that folks, is my last week before break.  Any bets on whether I lose it this week?!?!  hehe
Here are some freebies for ya!

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