Decomposing Numbers and Making 5

Howdy ya’ll.  I hope everyone had a great Monday.
I want to show you what we did in mustache land today.  
We are ready to start some decomposing so we started with making 5 today.   I always start with making 5 and making 10 to show my ‘staches that numbers can be made in many different ways.  When we were talking about decomposing, DogPound says:  “that’s when you show different ways to make a number!”  Pure genius that one (never mind that he was C-R-A-N-K-Y today!).  
I am a huge fan of the gradual release model.  The I DO  WE DO  YOU DO model.  So that’s how our lesson went today.
We started by making an anchor chart of making 5.

This is the I DO/WE DO part of the lesson.  
I did the first one by showing how to shake the cup of 5 counters.  (When I introduced the red and yellow counters, the chorus of OOOOHHHH and AAAAHHHH was hilarious….even though they use these all the time.  Putting them in a cup was like magic….it’s the little things people!).  I did some dramatic shaking (with hip action) and spilled the counters.  I sorted by color.  Then colored the anchor chart circles and wrote the equation.
The next two were the WE DO session of the lesson.  ‘Staches did the shaking and spilling.  I did the coloring and they told me the equation to write.

Then we moved onto some independent practice.  The YOU DO part of the lesson.
We do the first problem together and then I turn them lose!  
At the end of the lesson:  100%  mastery!!!  
If you’d like the free recording sheet just click the picture!

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