Happy Sunday ya’ll!!!!  Is everyone enjoying their fabulous 3 day weekend?!  It’s BEAUTIFUL here in Music City…but it’s so windy.  Don’t worry though, I’m prepared.  I have on my ruby slippers….just in case!  Here’s what we have planned for our short 4 day week!  Are ya ready?!
As always, you can download my lesson plans by clicking the picture!
This week we’re learning all about Martin Luther King and diversity and tolerance.
We will read these books:
We will start the week with a schema chart about MLK.  As the week progresses we will add to our chart with new learning and address any misconceptions!  
The MLK craft (blue) comes from my sweet, talented and beautiful friend Katie at Teacher To The Core!
We will also make a tree map of the things Martin did, what he wanted and what he said.
We will learn about diversity using eggs.
We will discuss how we’re different on the outside and the same on the inside.  Then we will have scrambled eggs!
We will make handprint wreaths using our own hands.  This is a fun project that can be done two different ways.  Students can trace and cut out their own hands or you can make a bunch of die cut hands.  Use lots of different shades of brown for diversity.    Students tracing and cutting can take a long time, so you can combine the two methods.  Have students trace and cut out a few of their hands and combine those with die cut hands!    
We display the wreaths with our I Have A Dream writing.

We will also continue working on our persuasive writing.  And we’re working on blends.  We will make circle maps for the blends st, sp, sw, sn.  On Friday, the ‘staches will do a picture sort to assess their blends.
You can also download two blends picture sorts freebies.
I’ve had a lot of people ask for my blends circle map labels.  Here ya go!  Ask and you shall receive.  You can download the labels by clicking on the picture.
In math, we’re working on decomposing numbers and different ways to make numbers.  
This week we will focus on all the ways to make numbers to 10.
We will tell the story of each number.  We will make anchor charts for each number.
Then, we will use our Snapping Numbers book to record our answers.
These activities are available in my Snapping Numbers creation!
For Mad Science Friday we are making glow in the dark sand.  I’m going with a simple and easy experiment this week.  Last week’s floam was epic fun but it was an epic mess (blog post coming next week on that fiasco!).  But you know me…I love a good mess.  And you know my motto:  messy=success!
And for Foodie Fun Friday we’re having a Fruit Loop snack.
Each ‘stache will get a bag of fruit loops with a sticker that says Respect And Tolerance comes in all colors.  We will talk about how we might be different colors but we all love each other and respect each other.
BAM!  That’s our week!
Here are some freebies for you!
A non-fiction emergent reader and a poem for Martin Luther King Day!

Many of these resources and our centers for the week are from these creations:

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    Thank you.

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    Thank you, as always, for sharing. :o) I have a few students who will benefit from extra blends practice.

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