A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday!

Happy Sunday ya’ll!!!  Let’s try this again….last week was…wait for it…a SNOW WEEK!  That’s right.  We were out all week because of ice and snow.  I really anticipate another day off tomorrow…the roads just aren’t quite ready yet…but just in case, I am planned for a full week of DINOSAURS!!!
I am super excited to finally get to do a dinosaur unit!!!  I finally put my foot down and threw a glittery tantrum and said WE ARE DOING DINOSAURS THIS YEAR!  It was the glitter that convinced my team…glitter is powerful stuff people.  
As always, you can download a copy of my lesson plans by clicking on the picture!
Here are the books we’re reading this week:  (Don’t worry, I have about a billion dinosaur books but these are my read alouds for the week…)
We will be using my Dinosaur Research  Creation to become dinosaur experts!
We will study all about dinosaurs and fossils and paleontologists.  Next week, we will study some specific dinosaurs.  
As we research, we will be recording our learning in our dinosaur research journals.
Of course, we’re making dinosaur art projects to accompany our learning!
Of course, we cannot start a new unit without a hat.   It’s a requirement.  It’s a must do.  It’s super fun and who doesn’t love a class in a silly hat?!?!
This is my awesome TBFF!  He made a template for the hats and modeled for us.  Check her out at The Hartmann Sparkle!  She’s pretty dang awesome….and I get to teach next door to her every day.  Yeah!  #jealous
We will be making our own dinosaurs.  Each ‘stache will get some construction paper and some basic guidelines and we will create our very own dinosaurs.
We will make ….wait for it….wait for it….SPARKLY DINOSAURS!  Yes people, dinosaurs and GLITTER!!!!
Check out this glittery awesomeness.  These are from The Craft Train.  If you head to their page, you can even get the free templates for the dinosaurs.  Glitter.  Dinosaurs.  OH MY!  I can’t…I just can’t.  It’s too much.  
We will also make DINOSAUR FEET!  Foam sheets.  Some feathers and BAM!  We have dinosaur feet!!!
This idea came from broogly.com
For Mad Science Friday, we will become a paleontologist.  We will be digging for fossils in a chocolate chip cookie!  
And for Foodie Fun Friday, we’re going to have:
this is good stuff…
dino claws (Bugles)
dino eggs (grapes)
dino bones (pretzel sticks)
and….wait for it…
DINO DROPPINGS!  (Whoppers!)
But here’s the best part. 
These dino snacks will be delivered by…..
Yes people.  We did this.   We had a mascot made for The Kindergarten Smorgasboard.  This is Smorgie.  A few months ago the mister said, “Hey, what do you think about a mascot for the smorgasboard?!”   UMMMM Who doesn’t want their own mascot.  So we found a company and worked with them for two months and BAM!  Smorgie has arrived!!!!
So Friday, Smorgie is delivering our dinosaur snacks for Foodie Fun Friday!!!!!!!!!!    I mean, how much are the ‘staches going to love this?!?!?!  And really…that’s what it’s all about.  Making their days more fun!  
We’re also doing math this week.  If you’re interested in seeing our place value activities, check out last week’s Schedulin Sunday post. 
Here are some freebies for ya!

If you’re interested in any of our centers/activities for the week, check them out below!

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