Make And Draw 10

So, here’s a super fun and easy way to practice and assess making 10 with some fun thrown in.  Learning must be fun.  IT should be fun.  So let’s make it fun.  AND EASY!
If you’re like me, you have 7,987,342 of these snap cubes.  And I’m convinced that they multiply weekly…they just turn up…taunting me…teasing me and pressuring me to come up with ways to use them…
This activity meets Common Core Standards:  KOA3, KOA4, KCC1
(PER FEEDBACK, I will start including the common core standards for activities I share!  Hope this helps!)
All you need….some of your billions of snap cubes, crayons and paper.
I poured the cubes into a big pile on the carpet.  Literally.  Dumped them out.
Then I told the ‘staches to grab 10 cubes using two different colors.
Then we build our towers of 10.
Then we wrote the equation.
Then we drew the picture.
See that….making 10, adding, writing equations and a little drawing fun!



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