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Happy Snow/Ice Day number 2~   We were forecast for 6-8 inches of snow.   Well, that snow didn’t happen but we have an ice storm.  It’s a nasty mess out there.  We haven’t let that keep us down.  We’ve had Smorgie1 out and about.  We’ve been sledding.   We’ve been napping.
My prediction:  we will be off all week!
So, I want to share a super fun, super engaging, super effective subtraction lesson that we did in our classroom last week.  People, if it involves play dough and smashing something, you know it’s a hit!
For real.  Smashing things.
So my ‘staches are still struggling with the concept of subtraction.  We’re addition experts but subtraction is…well…not our friend.
I found this idea on Pinterest so I just had to try it.
You’ll need some play dough and some flashcards.  You can get these fun play dough cards by clicking on the picture.
Students make the correct number of play dough balls and then they smash the correct number to take away.
It’s fun.  It’s smashing things.  It’s engaging.
Check out our video of smashing subtractions!


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