Test tube Math, Giant 100 and PD

1.  I admit that sometimes I have a bit of an obsessive personality.  I mean, have you met me and my love of all things glitter and mustaches?!?!   Obsession.  It’s a great cologne…and it’s an ok trait if you’re a teacher.
Case in point:  Test Tubes.  A while back I made sight word test tubes (glitter included!) and they were a hit.  Well, why stop there?!   How about test tube math?!?!
I love that this can be differentiated.  They can write an addition equation and be done.
OR they can write an addition and subtraction equation.  See how that’s more rigorous?!
Good stuff!


Click the picture to get your free recording sheet!
I love activities that practice skills and help us work on our teamwork and collaboration.  Giant 100 chart?  Yes please!  We worked so well as a team to build this 100 chart!  And now, it’s a center!  Or workstation.  Or in our classroom, a hippopotamus.  (You can click the picture to snag your freebie!)
I also got to present to some teachers from my area this week.  I love getting to talk to teachers and share what works for me!  It’s so inspiring to be in a room full of teachers!   I mean,  for reals…so. much. fun.
(You can see the session in SMORGIEVISION on my YouTube channel!)
(Click the picture!)
And finally…this is a perfect end to the week.
I’m pretty sure he meant to write “shirt” but just the fact that I know his personality makes this so funny to me.  I can totally see (WAIT!  I’ve heard him yell this and multiple other dirty words this year…) him saying this home work is sh**!
You can’t make this stuff up.  And you will never convince me that there is a better job anywhere!


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