Today I want to share how we used our giant 100 chart to practice counting to 100….number recognition…and writing to 100!
You see…what happened was 98% of my ‘staches can count to 100 so we’re working on naming and writing the numbers too!
So I whipped up a giant 100 chart.  I passed out the numbers to the staches.  I differentiated the activity by giving out different amounts of cards to different students.  If they were strong counters, I gave them more cards.  If they need a little more TLC with counting, I gave them fewer cards so they could focus on their numbers.
And then we started building!


What I loved about this was we were counting…recognizing numbers…BUT more importantly, we worked as a team and we helped each other!   The whole class was ENGAGED and having FUN!!!   And shhh…don’t tell them…they don’t know this…but they were learning too.  SHHH!  BIG SECRET!


After we finished our 100 chart, we used it to write our way to 100!
And now, we have a fun and colorful center!
And guess what, you can have this for FREE!
Actually you can have two different versions for FREE!
Click on the pictures below to get your freebies!
The original GIANT 100 CHART which is what you see in the picture!
And the new and improved version to 120….and this one is designed so you can print it so the columns line up in one color.  So the 1s are all the same color…the 2s are the same…etc!

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