Centers Ideas – CVC Words, Blends, Addition and more

Hump day means it’s time for Wednesday Centers!   I mean…workstations…or in the land of the ‘staches, we call them hippopotamuses.  True story.
Building sight words.  This hands on center is super popular and has been great for my more advanced ‘staches!!  Click the picture to see my post about making this center and snag freebies!

Another hands on challenge for the more advanced ‘staches.  Building CVC-E words.  She finished everyone of them today and was so proud of herself!!!!

Chick blends!

Chick sight words.  I mean, you put the cute chicks in the nest to build sight words…what more do you need?!

Another popular center   Egg-cellent math.  Complete with addition and subtraction.   And yes, plastic egg centers will be showing up in my classroom all year long.  #donthateappreciate
Click the picture for your freebies to make the egg center!

Those tricky teens are no match for the plastic egg hoard.   Snap the eggs together to build a teen number.  BAM!  Click the picture for your freebies!

Pirate graphing.  Pirates.  Nuff said.  (Click for your freebies!)

Rainy day compound words!

Eggs in the grass sight word sensory bin.  Read, math, write the words!  #commoncoreisfun
(Click for your freebies!)

This.  Is.  The.  Best.  Center.  Ever.  SIGHT WORDS IN TEST TUBES WITH GLITTER!!!    OMG!   Click the picture to see how it all happened!

If you’re interested in any of these centers, check them out below!

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