Day With The Music Lady

One of the most awesome and glitter-iffic things about blogging and sharing your life on social media is the connections you make and the friends you make.  I am so blessed by the people I’ve met through this crazy little blog.   Seriously…ya’ll are the best.
One of those amazing peeps is my friend Debbie Clement from Rainbows Within Reach.   THE MUSIC LADY!!!   Debbie is a singer, songwriter, author and illustrator.  And her love of all things colorful and crazy outfits means she’s my fashion icon.   True story.    

When Debbie visits, it calls for art work!  

For the past three years,  Debbie has visited my school to perform with our students.  People, this is the one of the best days of kindergarten every year.   Debbie is amazing with the students and gets everyone (including adults) up and signing and dancing.   
We even got The Music Lady to strap on the GoPro!
My ‘staches were so excited that “the singer” invited them up to sing the song “You’re Wonderful” with her.  (PS   This is a PERFECT Song for end of the year celebrations!)

Year after year, our favorite song from Debbie is Tall Giraffe!   Each year we celebrate Debbie Clement Day with our tall giraffe hats!

Another class favorite is Monster Spray!
Now I would like you to meet Debbie’s Biggest Fan!!!!   This little guy nearly lost all control he was so excited.   He loves to sing and dance all day long…so Debbie was his dream come true!!!!   Even when we were supposed to be sitting, he couldn’t help but dance.  (If only we all had that enthusiasm and energy for life!)
I mean…people…that face…sheer excitement!
Funny story….during Debbie’s visit last year, I saw this little guy (as a PreK student) having the time of his life and told his PreK teacher he had to be in my class.   He has been a very talkative joy to have in class.   I just love this kid’s zest for life!!!    It’s a full circle moment….
You really need to check out Debbie’s website for amazing and inspiring ideas and yes, you need to get her books and music for your class!!!
And for your viewing pleasure!   SmorgieVision brings you some fun with The Music Lady!
Debbie Clement performs Tall Giraffe!
The Music Lady as seen from a 5 year old perspective.  People, if you get motion sickness, I am not responsible for anyone who loses dinner while watching!  Remember, a very excited 5 year old is wearing the GoPro!

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