A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday!

Happy Schedulin Sunday!   Can you believe there are only four more Schedulin Sundays left this year?  And then it’s Summer With Smorgie!  CRAY CRAY people.
As always, here are my weekly lesson plans!  You can download them by clicking on the picture!
This week is all about oceans and Cinco De Mayo and cause and effect!
We will be reading these books this week:
This week our comprehension focus is cause and effect!  We will be using If You Get A Cat A Cupcake and Dragons Love Tacos to work on cause and effect.
For writing we will be finishing up our poetry writing.  I am going to turn our poetry into a book so each of the ‘staches gets a poetry book!
In math, we’re working on subtraction.   We’ve come so far and 99% of us have it mastered.  Now we just want to make sure we have it cemented in our brains!
We’re also going to be writing and naming numbers to 100.  
And on Tuesday, it’s letter O for our alphabet countdown so we’re going to taste 5 kinds of Oreos and graph our data!   I mean…Oreos…in math…. #commoncoreisfun and #mathisyummy
You can get your free oreo graphing freebie by clicking on the picture!
We’re also celerbating Cinco De Mayo this week.
That calls for sombreros, ponchos and tacos!
How to make a sombrero:
Poster board
Paper bowls
Trace 2 large circles on a pice of 22×28 poster board.
Cut out.
Trace the bowl in the center of the circle.
Cut out.
Staple the bowl to the large circle.
To make a poncho you need paper grocery bags.
Cut it open to make a vest.  Students paint designs on the poncho.
We measure Cinco De Mayo.

And we eat tacos!  YUM-O!

Here is a fun addition and subtraction freebie for your Cinco de Mayo centers!
We’re also continuing our alphabet countdown!  This week it’s P-L!
O-Oreos, Orange and Oprah
N-New Name Day!  Each child gets to pick a new name for the day!
As always, here’s a free emergent reader and poem for you!
Finally!!!  Have you heard that we’re going to celebrate the end of the year with a Nash-Bash teacher meet up in June?  We have a super fun weekend planned here in Nashville!   Baseball game…FREE lunch from GoNoodle…freebies and prizes….dancing on Broadway…and brunch at the world famous, loosen your pants…Monell’s!
This meetup is open to all TEACHERS!  Come celebrate with us!
Click the picture to sign up!!!
Here are the resources we’re using this week:

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