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One of our year long, go to math hippopotamuses/centers/workstations is See Count Graph!   I love this activity because it provides year long practice with counting, 1 to 1 correspondence, graphing and data, number writing and tally marks!   I love that’s simple to set up and use and once the students have been introduced to it at the beginning of the year, they can do it independently for the rest of the year.  HELLO KID AND TEACHER FRIENDLY!
It’s also fun because there are graphing cards for every holiday and theme so it’s a fun, hands on, engaging way to celebrate while learning.  YES PEOPLE, YOU CAN HAVE FUN WHILE LEARNING!
This video shows you how I introduced See Count Graph to my whole class today!   They did a FANTASTIC job with this!   Now that we’ve done it whole group, next week we will do another in guided math groups and then it will be in their math hippos for the rest of the year!
(PS  You also see our instructional coach pop in for a few minutes and assist!  WOOHOO!)


You can check out my See Count Graph Bundle HERE!

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