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The key to a smoothly running classroom is  consistency and independence.
This is is true for all things such as centers (hippopotamuses/workstations), transitions, early finishers and morning work.
In my opinion it’s even more important for your morning arrival!.  Morning work is how our day starts.  It sets the tone.  The students arrive.  They get to see you, the teacher, with a big giant smile (and in my case, a big giant Sonic drink).  That really sets the tone.  Everyone will be happy and excited for the day.
Then what do they do?   Do they go to their seat with a worksheet that needs explaining?  That means it has to be explained 15, 20 or more times.  That’s causes chaos and we no like the chaos!   It also ties you up and prevents you from greeting kids and parents and handling papers and folders and homework!
So….why not give them morning work that is authentic, differentiated and is exactly the same every day so they can do it independently and successfully each day?   Why not give them something where they have choice and freedom to do something that interests them and excites them?
Talk about a smooth start to every day.  You’re free to take care of business and they’re free to WRITE daily and be independent, successful learners!
Watch the video below to see how we differentiate our work in the morning!


For more information on morning work, check out the post below!

morning work

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