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It’s Thursday Center time!!!  Here’s a peek into our weekly center/workstation/hippopotamus activities and fun!
This is a great CVC word activity that adds extra rigor to CVC words!  
What Does The Fox Say CVC Words Edition

This fun FREEBIE uses differentiation cubes!  Students roll a cube, say the picture and color the letter for the beginning sound!  This freebie also includes letters so it can be differentiated!  Click the picture to get your differentiated cube freebie!

How many feathers on the turkey?   This freebie is great for counting and number recognition as well as fine motor skills!   Click the picture to get your freebie!

Light box ten frames!   Counting and matching and making ten frames!  Click the picture to get your free labels!

Differentiated Thanksgiving Sensory bin!

Spin and count!   Ten frames and tally marks!

See Count Graph October!  Counting, tally marks and data! 
Roll a ten frame!

Dining out on sounds!   

Pocket chart concentration numbers and counting!

Place value puzzles!

Toss a sound!   Click the picture to learn more about my DIY toss games!

Differentiated hide the number games!  Great for number recognition and one to one correspondence!

Turkey sight words!   Read it, write it, stamp it, marker it and color it!
A sight word feast!  

We don’t like naked turkeys so we make words to give him feathers!

Feathery sounds!   Pick a feather, say the sound and color the picture!
These centers/workstations/hippopotamuses can be found in these resources and by clicking on each picture!

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