A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday: Novemeber 8th, 2015

Happy Schedulin Sunday from the Kindergarten Smorgasboard World Headquarters!
It’s week 2 of our Thanksgiving learning and this week we’re learning all about the Pilgrims after we learned about Native Americans last week!
I love our Pilgrim week activities….painting…drawing…comparing and contrasting….I mean, anytime we can get out the paint, Mr. Greg is a happy teacher!   And more importantly, the ‘staches get super duper excited!  
You know my feeling about gettin messy!   MESSY=SUCCESS!
As always, you can download my free lesson plans by clicking on the picture below!
This week we’re using these books in our Pilgrim study:
(You can check them out on Amazon!)
We will be using my Thanksgiving Research Creation to study and record our learning about Pilgrims!
We’ll start with a schema map about Pilgrims.  We’ll record our schema….what we already know or think we know.  As we learn about Pilgrims we will record our new learning and address our misconceptions!
We’ll do tree maps about Pilgrims.
We’ll compare ourselves to Pilgrims!  This year we will be using a Double Bubble Map instead of a Venn diagram!
We will paint paper plate Pilgrims!
(And…we will wait with bated breath to see if any of the ‘staches secretly arrange the Pilgrims in a kissy face position…happens.  every.  year.)
We will use our Draw Write Now books to practice our listening and following directions skills!

In math, we’re introducing number bonds and decomposing numbers!
We start off decomposing numbers by decomposing ourselves!   Like number bond zombies!  
I draw a large number bond on the floor using a MAGIC MARKER!   Yeah…my custodians love me.  But don’t worry, it totally wears off by the end of the year!
Then we put ourselves in our large number bond and decompose ourselves! 
Then we do some independent practice using our Martha Stewart number bonds!
(Because I used my Martha Stewart circle cutter to make these number bonds!)
Click the pictures to see my original post about using number bonds!

We will continue using these number bonds and our practice pages all week to practice decomposing numbers!

To assess decomposing we will use ESGI and we get to make the ever fun paper chains!   Oh come one, who didn’t love making these when we were kids?!   It was hours of fun!
The ‘staches choose 2 colors of paper and make a chain.  Then they make the number bond and write the equation!
These activities can be found in my Snappin’ Numbers creation and Doggone Numbers creation!
For Foodie Fun Friday, we’ll be doing our annual pie tasting!
We will read The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Pie (Obvi!) and then we get to taste 3 kids of pie!  
In the past The Mr. made homemade peanut butter pie…but he now refuses because his pie always loses to store bought pie!  hehe
We vote for our favorite and graph the data!

Click the picture to get your freebie!
We will also honor our Veteran’s with Hero Hats and a letter to a soldier!
You can also check out my Veteran’s Day post to see more fun ideas for Veteran’s Day!

And of course we have our weekly poem and emergent reader!

We will be using these creations in our learning this week:

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