A Kindergarten Smorgasboard Schedulin Sunday: November 22nd, 2015

Mr. Greg will not throw shade at the people who have this whole week of.  Mr. Greg will not.  He will not.  (And lets remember that Mr. Greg had a full week off in October…)
But Mr. Greg will share some super fun ideas for those of us who GET to teach for 2 or even 3 days this week!
We read Todd Parr’s Thankful book and talk about all of the things we are Thankful for!
Then we will do a lesson on Wants and Needs and talk about what we NEED!
(My Thanksgiving Research creation is 25% off this week!)
Monday we spend some time sharing and writing about why we’re thankful!

“…for dancing because it keeps my love of people!”
“…living because I don’t want to die…”
“…Mr. Greg because he is the best teacher…”
“…legos to build stuff…”
We will also make our silly turkeys!
Thanks to Mrs Miner’s Monkey Business for the fun freebie!
We will make our annual Thanksgiving placemats!
I borrow stacks of sale papers from the grocery store (Thanks Publix and Kroger!) !
The ‘staches get to cut out the foods they want to eat for Thanksgiving!  We glue them on our plates with our napkins and silverware!   
Then we write about what we will eat for Thanksgiving!
I love this projects because it’s such a fun way to get kids thinking about Thanksgiving dinner AND it makes a GIANT mess!!!!!   There are papers everywhere and the buzz in the room is so awesome!!!!   
(And it’s free!)  Just “borrow” stacks of paper from the grocery.  Really, they don’t mind at all!

We will measure Thanksgiving!   
Gobbling Up Measurement!  (25% off this week!)  
Tuesday is our annual Stone Soup day!!!  
I love the story of stone soup and how strangers work together to make something delicious!  It’s a powerful lesson for my ‘staches every year!   
We will read several versions of Stone Soup and make a chart comparing the different versions!

And of course, someone special always gets the stone which becomes a milestone in our class!
(I always pick the student who has worked the hardest and come the farthest in some way….not always academics!)
And of course, we HAVE to make a turkey hat.  It’s a requirement.
Thanks to my friend Tiffany at Time 4 Kindergarten for the awesome turkey hat freebie!
Check out these fun creations for the holidays!
(These are new or have been updated this week!)

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