Morning Meeting Dice Greeting – SmorgieVision

It’s time for SmorgieVision!!!!   That’s right!  It’s another fun peek into the goings on in our crazy little classroom!   
Before we get to the goods, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my morning meetings…specifically the greeting and activity….so here’s an answer!
The question is if I do the same greeting and activity every day.
The answer be YES!   We do a new greeting each week and for each day that week our greeting is the same.  The greeting you see in this video was done Monday through Friday!
I do a different greeting each week and I’m always on the lookout for new greeting ideas!
If you want to see some more greeting ideas, check out my post on 13 Morning Meeting Greetings!
In this video you also see my ‘staches doing Rally Robin.  This is a Kagan strategy that we just learned!   If you’re not familiar, each person has a partner and they turn to that partner and share ideas.  One at a time going back and forth.  It’s like watching a tennis game.  You know…your head goes back and forth….back and forth….so yeah…it’s like being at Wimbledon….without the royalty.  Unless you count me as royalty because I’m the only diva in my classroom!
The greeting you see is a dice greeting.  
You roll the dice and you count that many people and you greet the person you stop on!  That person rolls the dice and the greeter sits down!   Continue until everyone is finished!
You also see our number game activity which is our favorite!   We’re counting by 10s this week.  But we use it to count to 10 and 20 and even teen numbers.  We decide on a number and if you’re that number you sit down!   It’s super fun and great for counting skills!

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