My Favorite Apps!

During our most recent Submissions For Smorgie LIVE I was asked about my favorite apps!  
Well, you know my motto….ask and you shall receive….
So here are a few of my favorite apps!
This is an app that does what the name says!  It makes big words!  You simply type in the word or words and it displays the words in BIG WHITE letters!
We use this app during our Sight Word 60 routine each day.
We have used this to make cute pictures for Mother’s Day!
There are so many uses for this FREE app!
Hello Crayons is another great free app!
It is high tech rainbow writing!  Students can write sight words or names or any words with the crayons.  They can choose different colors and rainbow write on the iPad!
There is also Hello Markers and Hello Colored Pencils and Hello Chalk and Hello Watercolors!
My favorite literacy app is Montessori Words!  It’s $1.99 but worth every penny!
Students get hands on practice with building, segmenting and blending CVC words and words with blends.  Two things I love:  they can’t use the wrong sounds/letters AND after they build a word it says the sounds and blends the sounds into the word.
AND then they get 10 seconds to draw!  So they have some motivation to work fast!
ABC Ninja
This is a great FREE app for letter recognition!   And who doesn’t want to pretend being a ninja?!  They also have numbers and sight words available!
My favorite free math app is Counting Board!  When you touch a square it reveals a number.  It’s perfect for working on numbers to 100!
You can also set it up to say the number so students can see and hear the number!
I provide students with a 100 chart and they color the numbers as they reveal them!
Click here to download a free 100 chart!
Another great free math app is Math Kid!  
It’s great for adding and subtracting.  You can set the app to add and subtract to 5 or 10!
What I love is that it gives students time to solve the equation on their own and if they can’t, it gives them a hint using fingers!   I love the fingers because it’s so natural for our students!
Another great math app is Monkey Math School.  
It’s $1.99.  
I love this app because it’s a spiral review app!  Students get to practice all sorts of math skills such as adding, subtraction, missing numbers, counting and patterns!
And here are some of my favorite apps that aren’t for the kids!
AfterFocus is great for blurring the background in pictures.  You draw around the shape you want to focus on the rest of the image is blurred!
Pro Camera is my go to app for editing pictures on my iPhone.  I use this on every picture I post to adjust the exposure, brightness and contrast!  

iWatermark is great for adding your logo to images!   You simply import your logo into the app and anytime you want to watermark your image, you open the image and it places your logo on the picture.

And finally, my newest and most favorite app….since I am the lover of selfies….


Now, I think I look good.  BUT Facie makes me look amazing.  Best $3 every spent!

Look at the difference…I mean seriously…

Obviously it did nothing for my big giant nose..but my skin looks great!

Comment below with your favorite apps!

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