Schedulin Sunday: Teeth Week

This week is always a nightmare for Mr. Greg.   It’s a week I dread.  I have nightmares and cold sweats about this week.  
You see, it’s teeth week.  And well, I don’t do teeth.  You see, I can handle blood, pee pee, poopies, and puke.  You can even do all of those on Mr. Greg and I can handle it like a champ.
But people, the minute you show me a wiggly loose tooth, I’m out.  I quit.  You’ll find me curled up in the fetal position.   I. can’t. with. the. loose.teeth.  I. can’t.
I blame a girl from my student teaching.  She had a tooth come out and she wore braces and that thing was stuck on her bracket for 3 days and just dangled.  She enjoyed harassing me with that dangly tooth.    
Loose teeth are the things of nightmares…but we solider on for teeth week!  And if you need me, I’m in the corner.  Hiding from the onslaught of loose, wiggly squishy teeth.  
But…life goes on…and so does teeth week so as always, here are my lesson plans for the week!
This week is all about teeth and comparing numbers!  
Here are the books we will be using this week!
Some of our toothy activities this week:
Tree maps for teeth, toothbrushes, dentists and the tooth fairy!
Tooth labeling
Teeth True False
Good Food/Bad Food sorting
How To Brush Your Teeth Writing
How Many Teeth Have You Lost Graph
Toothbrush painting!   We will use toothbrushes to paint teeth!
And for fun we get out a battery operated toothbrush too!
Lost tooth graph!
Mad Science will be seeing how different drinks stain our teeth. 
Then we will brush our teeth!
We record our observations on our recording sheet!

Click to download your free egg-citing teeth experiment sheet!
And for Foodie Fun Friday, we’re making apple smiles!
In math, we will be comparing numbers.  Which was scheduled last week, but we were off all week for snow and ice….so we will be comparing numbers this week!
We always start with our giant alligator mouth and we get to “eat” our friends!
And then we get to compare real objects!

Then we get to be the alligator and eat the bigger number on the smart board!

Then we get to practice independently by grabbing handfuls of cubes and comparing the numbers.
And yes, those are Mr. Greg’s hands!  
Click for your freebie!
And then we go higher order thinking with a true false sort!  

And we have some small group practice with our moveable gator mouth and uno cards!

And we make an anchor chart to help us remember all about comparing numbers!

And that’s our week!
As always, here are some freebies for ya!
And here are the resources we’re using this week in our class:

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