Valentine’s Day Math! Candy Addition!

One of the best aspects about blogging is the people.  Hands down.  I have been blessed beyond words with the friends I’ve made (and yes I consider each person who reads this post a friend!).  
Recently, my friend Allison from New Jersey messaged me on Instagram (@kindergartensmorgasboard) and said she had found these candy containers at Wal-Mart!
She asked if I had a cute idea for them.  
So my wheels got turning.  And then…my Wal-Mart had NONE!   So I messaged Allison back and she was so amazingly awesome to go back to her store and buy me some of the containers and ship them to me.  
So here is how I used the containers to make a fun, hands on Valentine’s Day math game!
I made a hands on addition center/workstation/hippopotamus!  
(Bonus…because it’s candy it works all the time…especially for Easter and Valentine’s Day!)
(Bonus again…you could so many things…adding, subtracting, numbers, letters, sounds….so many possibilities!)
I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the numbers.   BUT if you don’t have a Cameo, you have two options…
1.  Sharpie.  Works great on these.  Put some clear nail polish on them to keep the Sharpie from rubbing off.
2.  Clear mailing labels.  Print on them and stick them on!
You could also add conversation hearts to use as manipulatives!

I differentiated my addition facts!  The red candy is adding 0-5 and the pink is 5-10!  BAM!   Differentiation with plastic candy containers from Wal-Mart!  PRICELESS!

The ‘staches choose an equation, solve the equation and then find the answer and snap the candy together!  And then they write the equation and answer!
Click the picture for your free recording sheet!

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s on of my ‘staches using the new hippopotamus today!

(As you watch the video, listen to her self talk about counting by 2s…BRILLIANT!)

And I have still have several pieces leftover and I’m already planning to use them for my light box!  

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