Dollar Tree Spring Centers/Workstations

Ya’ll know how much I love the Dollar Tree.
And glitter.
And simple, cheap and engaging centers/workstations/hippopotamuses.
So you know when I can combine those 3 things I get pretty giddy.  Like dancing around the house giddy.  And I don’t dance so you know I’m super excited if I’m dancing….
The DT has some great foam shapes for spring…GLITTERY FOAM SHAPES PEOPLE!   I bought shamrocks, bunnies and flowers!   Today I am going to show you how I used the shamrocks and the bunnies!
Did I mention GLITTER!!!!?????  
Let’s start with shamrocks.  We’re working on CVC-E words so I used the shamrocks to build cvc-e words!
I printed cvc-e pictures on clear mailing labels.  And stuck them onto the glittery shamrocks.  They stuck just fine to that glitter!   
Next, I used my trusty Sharpie and wrote the letters to spell the word on the not glittery shamrocks!  
BAM!  Building CVC-E words!
Then I grabbed the glittery bunnies and made a simple counting to 20 workstation/hippopotamus/center!
Again, I used my trusty Sharpie.  This time, I wrote on the glitter!  True story.  I just traced each number 3 or 4 times to make it bold and dark!  
Use the Dollar Tree pom poms to count!  BAM!
Super glittery.  
Super easy.
Super fun.
Super springy.
See, we can meet our standards by having glittery fun!

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