Schedulin Sunday! Leap Day And Dr. Seuss

People, I get overly excited when something rolls around once every 4 years.  Elections…Olympics…AND LEAP DAY!!!!!   So you can imagine what Monday will be like in my classroom. I MEAN IT’S LEAP DAY!  A WHOLE EXTRA DAY TO LEARN AND PLAY AND HAVE FUN!!!!   Oh the glittery possibilities just make me giddy!!!
So, in my excitement, here are my lesson plans for the week.  And by week, I mean Monday and Tuesday because I’m going to be in Chicago for the Illinois ASCD conference the rest of the week!  COME SEE ME!!
So here’s what we have planned for Leap Day:
Lots and lots of leap frog.  All. Day.  Long.  That’s all.  We’re just going to LEAP FROG all day long.  
Ok…we might play some leap frog for sure….but we’re doing other stuff too!
We’re going to learn about frogs and kangaroos because they leap!  
For each animal, we’re going to research the animal and create a tree map.  Then we will write about the animal.
We are going to measure how far a kangaroo can leap (30 feet) and a frog (7 feet) and then we will estimate how far we can leap.  Then we will leap and compare our leaps to the leaps of frogs and kangaroos.
We will do a directed drawing of a Kangaroo and make a cute paper plate frog using torn paper.  
And…just maybe…there might be a new costume for the special day.  I mean it does only happen once every four years….so a costume is warranted!
Here is a massive Leap Day freebie!   Tons of games and activities and recording sheets for the measurement activity!
Of course, it’s also Dr. Seuss week so we’re going to be reading some Seuss books and having a little fun.  
Lorax mustaches are a requirement in our classroom!!!
Of course, we must eat green eggs and ham!
And in our classroom, silly hats are required so we’re making Thing 1 and Thing 2 hats!
This week in math we’re working on solving story problems for addition and subtraction!
We project the word problems on our smartboard and we use dinosaur manipulatives to solve the problems!  
We also do unicorn word problems and pirate word problems!

Then we practice solving word problems on our own!

And then we get to write our own word problems and use animal crackers to solve the word problems!
And of course, tons of freebies!
We will be using these resources this week in our lessons and hippopotamuses (centers/workstations)

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