Schedulin Sunday! Plants!

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday!  
It’s time to start planting seeds and learning about plants!   
As always, you can download my weekly lesson plans by clicking the image!
This week is all about plants and animals!   We will be reading lots of plant books this week!
We kick off plants with a schema map!
We make a tree map for the things plants have, need and what plants can do!
We will do a true and false sort about plants and use the information to write about plants!
We will label the parts of a plant!
We make a class chart of the parts of a plant and then the ‘staches make a poster of plant parts and needs!
We will study the life cycle of plants!
And of course we will plant seeds and watch them grow!
And of course, we’re recording our learning in our Plant Research Journals!
And of course we’re going to be doing fun art projects!
Sponge painting flowers!   Cut sponges into petal shapes and have students paint flowers!
Fingerprint dandelions!  Use white paint on student fingertips to make the dandelion seeds and then use green paint to make the stem!
Celery flowers!   Cut the bottom off of a bunch of celery.  Brush paint on and stamp.   Then paint a stem!
For Foodie Fun Friday, we’re going to eat the parts of a plant!
Click the picture for your freebie!
In math, we’re working on numbers to 100!   Click on the pictures to see my posts about numbers to 100!

We also kick off our end of the year Alphabet Countdown!  We’re celebrating our last 26 days of kindergarten by celebrating each letter!

This week we celebrate:
Z-zebras (make a zebra)
Y-yellow (wear yellow)
X-x-change autographs
W-Where The Wild Things Are!

Click the picture below to get your free, editable autograph book!

As always, here are some freebies for ya!
Here are the resources we’ll be using this week:


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