Word Study Day 3: Writing 5 Words

Day 3 of word study looks a little different from days 1 and 2 because now the ‘staches are writing and illustrating their words after they sort the words.
I will see groups as needed on days 3-5.  I almost always see group who needs the most help.   The other two groups I will see as needed, depending on how they’re handling their sorts.
On days 3-5 (Wednesday-Friday),  we choose 5 words and write them in our word study notebook.  We also draw a quick sketch of the words.  
Our word study notebooks are just simple composition books!
The ‘staches do their sort independently just like on days 1 and 2.
After the sort, they choose 5 of their words (or pictures, depending on the sort).  They write the word and illustrate the word.
This is where you see the benefits of word study show up in their writing.  This is where you really see them working with the sounds and words.  Writing the 5 words also gives you some valuable insight into how they are working with the sounds and what areas you need to focus on!
Below are some examples of what the 5 words might look like.  These are just random notebooks that I grabbed!
Here is a video of two students writing their 5 words!  One student is doing the words independently and the other is getting a little assist from Mr. Greg!
To see days 1 and 2 of word study, you can check out this post:

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