Rubber Ducks Ideas: Using Rubber Ducks In The Classroom

I am always on the lookout for unique items to use in our classroom.  Brain research tells us that the brain loves novelty so anytime we can bring something new and different into our learning, the students will be more engaged and their brains will learn more.    So how about some rubber ducks ideas for the classroom?
And what’s more fun than rubber duckys?!

I found these mini rubber duckies on Amazon and ordered a few sets….( People, if you can’t find it on Amazon, you don’t need it!).  They are $8.99 for a set of 20.

Then I set out out to make some fun center/workstation/hippopotamus activities with my rubber ducks ideas!
The great thing about these duckies?  DIFFERENTIATION and EASY PREP!

Rubber Ducks Ideas:  Letter Recognition

First, I used a Sharpie and wrote letters on the ducks.
And now we can learn our uppercase letters, lowercase letters and sounds!

Rubber Ducks Ideas:  Math

Then I wrote numbers on my ducks with a Sharpie!
rubber ducks ideas
I tried using dot stickers and putting those on the bottom of the ducks but the stickers wanted to peel so it’s better to just write on the ducks with a Sharpie!
Now we can work on numbers, counting, adding and subtracting!
rubber ducks ideas


And as an added bonus these guys make great math manipulatives too!

Head over to the FREEBIES pages to download your rubber duck recording sheets!


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