Differentiating With Dice Domes

Ya’ll know how much I love to find tools for the classroom that can be used in a variety of ways to make differentiation easy.
Well, my new obsession are dice domes!   I found these at a conference a few months back and finally broke them out.
Ya’ll also know how much I love Amazon so I found the dice domes for $11 on Amazon!
Click the image to see the domes on Amazon!
So the domes come with numbers and +/- symbols.  The bottom piece pops off so you can change out the cubes inside.
So I grabbed some foam cubes from the Dollar Tree.
Got out my trusty Sharpie.  
And wrote letters on the cubes.  I planned out my letters so that we could make CVC words in our domes.
The kids shake the dome and see if they made a word.  If they made a word, they can write the word.  If not they shake it again!
They can record their words on the recording sheet!  Click on the recording sheet to download your freebie!
So, how can we differentiate with the dice domes? 
You can…
Add a cube with the letter E to make CVC-E words
You can do word families
You can do sight words
You can do blends
You can do addition
You can do subtraction
You can do names early in the year!
So many possibilities!

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