Schedulin’ Sunday: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday ya’ll!   I’m such a teacher dork that planning and prepping lessons and activities makes me all tingly inside!   It’s so much fun!
This week is one of my favorites because it’s Chicka Chicka Boom Boom week!!!!!
As always, you can download this week’s lesson plans below:
We are continuing our ABC BOOTCAMP with letters F-J this week!  Circle Maps, hats, handwriting, augmented reality from Alive Studios and more!
This week we will spend the week reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!
We kick off CCBB week with some balloon popping!   I love a mess and I love noise so this is a perfect kick off activity!
Print some letters, cut them out and roll them up and stuff them in balloons.  Kids pop the balloons and identify the letters and we put them in order!
We also read our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Chart for shared reading and fluency practice and to work on letter identification!
We will do a letter hunt!   Hide magnetic letters in some sand, the kids dig them out and ID the letters and sounds!  And yes I have GOLD magnetic letters!
We will also do five senses with a coconut and we get to taste a coconut and graph if we like coconut or not!
Click the image for your freebie!
We will do some fun palm tree art projects too.  Of course!
We’re also doing a magazine hunt!  I found this idea from Playful Learning In The Early Years
Students will cut out letters from magazines and glue them onto our letter chart.  (Blog post coming this week!)
For more Chicka Chicka Boom Boom ideas, freebies and activities click below!
In math, we’re doing number bootcamp for numbers 6-10!   Circle Maps, number writing and augmented reality from Alive Studios!
This week we’re also introducing ten frames!
We’ll do whole group ten frames and some individual practice with ten frames!  We’ll do ten frames on the floor and on the smart board!
Click the image below for more information on our ten frame activities plus more ideas and freebies!
We will also introduce roll and color this week!
Click for your freebie!
We’re also doing The Measurement Olympics this week!   The javelin throw (straw), shot put (cotton ball), discus (paper plate), hurdles and long jump!
We will also read Miss Nelson Is Missing and talk about behavior and consequences and we will talk about what kind of teacher we want!    Then we will make a cute Miss Swamp art project!
And finally, we make a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom snack!
Here are some freebies for ya!
Here are the resources we’re using this week:


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