Schedulin Sunday: Apples

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday!!!    It’s apple week for us!!!   Ya’ll I am so ready for fall…cool temps…top down on the Jeep…sweaters…blazers…and not sweating through my adorable outfits at recess…just sayin!
As always, you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!
This week is all about apples!!!!   Apple prints…apple labeling…apple life cycle…apple pie in a cup!  So much applicious fun!
We will be using my Apple Research creation this week!
We kick off apple week with a schema map about apples!
Throughout the week we will add our new learning about apples!
We will do tree maps…
We will label the parts of an apple and use a real apple to explore each part of the apple!
We will read Ten Apples On Top and Ten Red Apples and count apples on our heads!
We will make apple prints!  This is a super messy but super fun art project!  I’ve actually seen an idea where they use the apple prints to make an apple tree!  Super cute idea!!
And yes, using a fork in the apples makes it so much less messy!  I wish I had known that secret a few years ago…
We have also made tissue paper apples which always turn out so cute!!!!
We will also taste different apple treats and graph our favorite treat!
We will also graph our favorite apple!
And of course we make applesauce!
We also do apple themed math and literacy centers/workstations/hippopotamuses!
We even make apple pie rice for our sensory bin!
And can you believe we are wrapping up ABC BOOTCAMP this week with letters X, Y and Z!
That means an X-ray hat, a yoga hat and a zipper hat!
In math this week we are focusing on number recognition and counting to 20.   This week we’re going to doing small group math all week so I can focus my instruction in a more targeted way.  Some groups will be working on number recognition and counting to 5 or 10.  Some will be working solely on counting to 20.
One of the activities I am using for number recognition is our  Number Recognition Race!    Click the image to see my blog post a video about this fun and very effective game!!
And that’s our apple week!
Here are some apple books we’ll be using this week:
And of course some freebies for ya!
We are using these resources for the week:


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