Halloween Math: Cauldron Counting And A Freebie!

Ya’ll know the Target Dollar Spot is like a blackhole for teachers.  We grab a cart and try as hard as we can to use our fast walking feet and safely make it past…but the gravitational pull of that section is just too much and we end up going through the black hole.  We come out with a cart full of goodies that we NEED.  Never fails.  Every. Time.
So here’s a fun project that resulted from one of visits to the Target Dollar Spot black hole.
This is a perfect  math center/workstation to work on number recognition and one to one correspondence and counting to 20!  And it’s fun so your kids will be engaged!
You’ll need some candy mini erasers and the small plastic candy containers that look like cauldrons.  They also have skeletons and pumpkins.  Those work too!
I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out numbers to 20 for the cauldron. You can also use a silver sharpie or dot stickers or mailing labels to number your cauldrons.
The studnets choose a cauldron, say the number and put the correct number of pieces into the cauldron!
They can then use the recording sheets to make ten frames or work on number recognition!  This activity can be differentiated by only providing the cauldrons to 10 or it can be used for simple number recognition or number order!
Total cost:  $5.  Prep time=45 minutes.
Clipart credit:  Teaching In The Tongass and Jen Hart Design

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