SmorgieVision: Counting On Using A Number Line

Today in our class we introduced the skill of counting on from a number.
This can be a challenging concept so I wanted something concrete to help my ‘staches understand and practice counting on.
So….I used our Sit Spots to make a number line!
The first thing we did was Mr. Greg modeled how to count on.
Then we practiced counting on together.
And finally, we used our number line and practiced counting on.
I called each ‘stache to the number line.  I asked them to count on from a number to a number.  So, I might say, Count on from 5 to 9.  They found the number 5 on the number line and counted on.  (Notice we’re up and moving and learning letter recognition!)  Then we all practiced counting on out loud!
Super simple lesson.  Super effective and engaging!
Here’s a short video of our counting on lesson!

Click the image below to check out Sit Spots and get some Sit Spots for your classroom!  You will love them!

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