Schedulin’ Sunday: Thanksgiving Pilgrims

schedulin sunday arctic animals

Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday!  This week is all about Thanksgiving Pilgrims and Veteran’s Day!    And we’re voting.  We are discussing the election.  Plus it’s parent conference day on Tuesday!   What a busy week!

And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

kindergarten lesson plans thanksgiving lesson plans

The ‘staches will be using my Thanksgiving Research Creation to learn about Pilgrims and Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving lesson plans

We will start off with our schema map by recording our schema about Pilgrims.  The ‘staches will add to the schema map all week long as we learn about Pilgrims!

pilgrim schema map

We will do a tree map about Pilgrims!

pilgrim tree map

Then we will label Pilgrims!

pilgrim labeling

And we will compare ourselves to Pilgrims using a Venn Diagram!

pilgrim venn diagram

Each student will do directed drawings of the Pilgrim and The Mayflower!

pilgrim directed drawings 24dd1-draw2bwrite2bnow2bmayflower2bcollage

pilgrim drawings

We will make paper plate Pilgrims!

pilgrim art project

pilgrim art project

More Pilgrim ideas:

Handprint Mayflowers

handprint mayflower

thanksgiving pilgrims

This week we’re working on subtraction story problems.  And by this I mean SUPER simple story problems.  Like:  Our turkey has four feathers.  He lost 2 feathers.  How many does he have left?  We will actually use some turkey cut outs and clothespins to practice these subtraction story.

We are also continuing with word family bootcamp!   This week we’re learning IG and IP words!   We will make circle maps then we build words.  Finally we write word family words!



Veteran’s Day

We read Hero Dad and Hero Mom and make a circle map to describe Veteran’s.  Then we make Hero Hats!

kindergarten veteran's day 4b4dd218-0fca-477f-afdc-0ff7b4b242dd

veteran's day hats

Click to get your free Hero Hats!

Veteran's Day Kindergartenkindergarten veteran's day

For Foodie Fun Friday we’re making a turkey snack using cups, ranch, green peppers, red peppers and yellow peppers.  Put ranch in the cup and put peppers cut into sticks in the ranch as feathers.  Add a turkey face to the cups!

For Mad Science this week we’re making gold slime!  Click the image to see our post about making gold slime!

gold slime

hands on science

And that’s our week!!!!

Thanksgiving  Pilgrims Freebies!

Pilgrim emergent reader

pilgrim poem kindergarten

turkey counting on freebie



Thanksgiving Books!

thanksgiving books





Here are the resources we’re using this week!

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