Black History Month: Schedulin’ Sunday

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Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday! This week we’re working on our Black History Month project, adding to 10, and celebrating GroundHog Day!

It’s GROUNDHOG DAY!!!!  hehe

 groundhog day

And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

black history month

Black History Month Research Project

The ‘staches will be using my Black History Research  creation to research and write about African American heroes.  We will learn about each of these heroes and the contributions they made to our world.  For each person, we will read a book and watch a short YouTube clip.  We will then complete a class chart and write in our research journal.  And of course, for each person we will do an art project!

Last week we kicked off this Black History Month research project and I must say it has been pretty great.  The ‘staches have been so engaged and curious and the conversations and questions asked have been deep and unexpected.  They’ve also been inspired by the determination and courage of the people we’ve studied so far.  And we’ve all learned so much, even me!

black history month black history month

For each hero, there are labels for the class charts, a picture for the chart, and two differentiated recording sheets.  Also included is a fact sheet for each person:

black history month

This week we’re learning about:  Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, and Ruby Bridges!

black history month

This week we’re also continuing  Vowel Bootcamp!   We will spend 2 days on each vowel.  Day 1 will be a vowel sort for the long and short vowel song.  Day 2 will be reading magic e words using a circle map!

vowel bootcamp

I did a pre-assessment on short and long A and short and long o.   48% of my ‘staches could heard the two vowel sounds and about the same could read the words.   After two days of vowel bootcamp, 85% could hear the sounds and 90% could read the words!!   I was so pumped for them and so thrilled to see their growth!

vowel bootcamp


In math, we will be working on adding numbers to 10!

We will play GET ON MY BOAT to practice adding!

Literally we make a boat on the floor using our Sit Spots tape.  We write an equation on the board.  People are in the water and on the boat.  The people in the water get on the boat.  Then we add!  And that gives us the answer!  This is the opposite idea of our Get OFF My boat subtraction activity!   Check that out below!

kindergarten subtraction

Check out this post to see this lesson in action!

We’re also going to work on drawing pictures to solve equations!


Giant dice addition!  This starts as a whole group less where we roll giant dice and make the dots then add!

kindergarten addition

After the whole group addition lesson, we work with partners and use bingo markers to add!

For more on these activities, check out this post on how I introduce addition!


We’re celebrating the whistle pig for 2 days with books, facts, hats, snacks and coin tosses!   Did I mention graphing, too?!

groundhog day groundhog day

For more Groundhog Day ideas and a massive freebie, check out this post by clicking the images!

groundhog day

100th day

Groundhog Day Freebies


groundhog day

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