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Today I’m showing a video that highlights our math block.   We follow the balanced math routine, which is much like the balanced literacy routine.   It’s a very quick routine that we follow each day to give the students structure and to cover lots of ground and standards quickly and effectively.

Our math block features lots of music and dancing.  Following the music and dancing we do our calendar routine, followed my mental math and math review.  Next, we do a  whole group mini lesson which is followed by small group work/independent work, and math centers (hippopotamuses).

In this video you see us signing Counting Superhero from Harry Kindergarten.   Next you see our interactive calendar routine.  Finally, you see our whole group subtraction lesson.   In this video you don’t see mental math or math review.  Those happen immediately following calendar and before the whole group lesson.



Additional Math Block Information and Resources

For more information on the mental math and math review portion of our math block, click this picture for a post all about mental math and math review:

math block

This post gives more details on balanced math:

math block

For more on our calendar routine, check out this post:  (SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST TO SEE THE CALENDAR VIDEO!)

math block

Our calendar is available on Teachers Pay Teachers:

math block              

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