Valentine’s Day Centers

These Items Were Purchased In 2017 (you should be able to find similar items though)

Ya’ll know I love to shop (just ask The Mister!).  And you know I love to find fun little items that can be turned into engaging and fun hands on centers!   You can usually find me scouring the aisles at Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, or Target looking for these amazing little gems!   Well, I hit the jackpot this weekend and I’m ready to reveal some fun, hands on, CHEAP and easy Valentine’s Day Centers!!

First up, I Heart Counting!

I found these little heart containers and a silicone baking pan at Wal-Mart in the Valentine’s Day section.  Now, I always see these cute silicone pans and trays and I always want to use them for ten frames, but clearly companies don’t understand the needs of teachers because they NEVER make them in tens.  It’s always 12 or 20…seriously companies, get with it!   And then someone on Facebook posted a picture of the pan cut apart to make a ten frame.  Mind blown.   Now I can make ten frames!   So, here’s how I made a Valentine’s Day center from these materials!

valentine's day centers    valentine's day centers

Cut the silicone pan into two sections to make two ten frames.

Print the Valentine’s Day numbers (freebie below!).

Place the numbers in the hearts.

Students open the heart, say the number and use pink gems to make the ten frame.

Make the ten frame on the recording sheet!

  valentine's day centers

valentine's day centers

Valentine’s Day Addition And Making 10

I also use these silicone ten frames to make an addition or making 10 center!  Students use two kinds of mini-erasers from Target (or other manipulatives) to fill in the ten frame.  Then they write the addition equation to make 10!

valentines day addition

I also found these glitter heart ornaments at Michaels.  And you know my glitter theory….the more glitter the better.  And GLITTER ALL THE THINGS!

glitter hearts

We used our paper then frame (made from white construction paper) and glitter hearts to practice counting to 20!

Choose a Valentine number.  Use the ornaments to make the ten frame.   Write the number and make the ten frame on the recording sheet!

I found these glittery foam hearts at Dollar Tree.  GLITTER!  More glitter!   Simply write numbers to 20 on the hearts.  Students use these acrylic/plastic hearts (also found at the Dollar Tree) to count to 20.  Students then use a blank ten frame sheet to make the ten frame!

valentines day counting

valentines day math

Valentine’s Day Literacy Centers

We also made a Valentine’s Day center for beginning sounds!

I used the same heart containers and put Valentine’s Day letters in the hearts!  Students open the hearts, identify the sound and color the picture on the recording sheet!

 valentine's day sounds

valentine's day centers

I also found these foam hearts at the Dollar Tree.  First, I wrote sight words on the hearts.  I also used the acrylic hearts from Dollar Tree.  And wrote the letters to spell the sight words.  Students say the words, build the word and write the word.

valentines day literacy centers

valentines day sight words

We also found these trays at the Dollar Tree and used the hearts to make a CVC word segmenting center!

valentine's day cvc words

The picture cards are from our I Heart Valentine’s Day creation!

Click the picture below to see everything that included in this creation including the picture cards.

I also used the glittery foam hearts to make a sight word matching game!  Simply write sight words on the hearts.  Students match the words and write the words!

kindergarten sight words

Valentine’s Day Centers Freebies!

valentine's day centers             

The Valentine’s Day Letters and Numbers are available from Jen Hart Design on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Valentine’s Day Creations

For more simple Valentine’s Day centers, check out this post:

valentine's day centers

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