Top 10 Posts Of 2016

Happy New Year!   2016 is gone and 2017 has arrived.  A new year full of new hope and new possibilities.  New challenges and new frustrations.  In the spirit of a new year, here are my top 10 blog posts from 2016!  And besides, if David Letterman can have his top 10 lists, so can Mr. Greg!   Right?!

I hope you’ll check them out to find new ideas for learning, fun, glitter (ALL THE GLITTER!) and more!   And I hope that this new year is full of joy and blessings for you!!

  1. Top 10:  Classroom Management:  Clip Charts And Trampolines

    top 10 classroom managementI get so many questions about classroom management and THE TRAMPOLINE!   My number one post of 2016 answers those questions and more!   YES!  We have a trampoline!  YES we fall off.  No we don’t get hurt!   YES we love it!   NO I did not get permission!   Trampolines in every classroom!

  2. My Favorite Apps

    top 10 favorite apps Check out this post for a list of my favorite apps for students and learning….and some of my favorite apps for teachers.  Like an app to make your skin look flawless in pictures!  Just sayin…it’s a favorite.

  3. 13 Morning Meeting Greeting Ideas

top 10 morning meeting greetings I am a huge proponent of morning meeting.  I firmly believe that morning meeting is the very foundation of everything that happens in our classroom.   This post shares 13 of our favorite greetings for our morning meetings!

4.  Sight Word Cups!   

top 10 sight word cups Check out this post for a fun, hands on, engaging way to practice sight words using solo cups!  FREE LABELS included!

5.  Paper Plate Puzzles

paper plate centersCheck out this post to see 4 EASY and engaging ways to use paper plates in your classroom!  Who doens’t love a good idea that is cheap and holds up for years?!   Paper plates…so simple and easy!  PLATES PEOPLE!  PLATES!

6.  Sight Word 60

top 10 sight word 60 Check out this to 10 post to see how we learn sight words using a research based routine that takes just a few minutes each day!

7.  #happyclassrooms

happy classrooms Check out this post to see how I fell about all of the negativity teachers are posting on social media!

8.  Morning Arrival Procedure

top 10 morning arrival Check out this post to see how my students arrive each day.  This consistent and independent arrival helps kick off our day in a fun and successful way!   And it doens’t require worksheets or packets to copy everyday!  #nomoreworksheets

9.  How I Run My Centers/Workstations

top 10 centers  The number one question I get is about centers!   This post explains it all!

10.  How To Get Away With Art In The Classroom

top 10 art “How do yo get away with doing so much art in your class?”   I don’t get away with anything because everything is tied to a standard!   Plus art itself meets so many standards.  But really, we do art every day because it’s what we need to be doing.  It’s what our kids deserve and it’s what’s best for them!

Thank you for another amazing year of support, friendship and love!   Thank you for spending a little time with me and my students and my family each day.  I am truly blessed by you.  Continue to be amazing teachers and continue to share and collaborate and love one another!

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