Snowman Emoji Letter FREEBIE!

Ya’ll know I love me some glitter.  And I love me some emojis.  And when you combine the glitter and emojis…it’s almost too much for me.  I’m so glad Amie at Glitter Meets Glue loves the glitter and emojis like me!   So, when a teacher sends me a message and tells me she saw one her students in the grocery store and the little girl asks if there will be snowman emojis…I’m on it!   Gotta keep those emoji lovin’ kids happy!

This freebie includes uppercase letters and lowercase letters.  Students can match the letters and then color on the recording sheet.  Or they can just work on letter recognition with the uppercase and lowercase letter cards by choosing a card, then saying the letter and finally coloring the letter on the recording sheet!


snowman snowman letter recognition snowman

Click to get your Snowman FREEBIE!


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