lightbox cvc word building

You might remember over the summer when teachers on social media (ME INCLUDED!) were going crazy for these Heidi Swapp Light boxes.  Well I jumped on that bandwagon because these were so adorable and fun and different.  So many teachers have come up with so many ideas for these to be used in the classroom.  Sight words, color words, word of the day, quotes of the day.  So many fun ideas.  But when I bought all 3 of my light boxes (Yes, I did.  Three of them.  And proud of each one.) I knew I wanted it to be something that my students would use.  So I’ve created light box cvc word building to use our light box in centers/workstations/hippopotamuses.

 light box cvc word building

First, I printed out 30 CVC word pictures on transparencies.

Then I cut the pictures apart.  These fit nicely into the light box.

cvc words cvc words

Finally, the students will pick a card.  Say the word.  insert the picture into the light box and use the letters that I bought for the light box to build the words.

cvc word building

After they build the word, they can write the word on the recording sheet.

This light box cvc word building center is going to be great practice for hearing the sounds in words and blending cvc words.  The students will get to hear the word, hear the sounds, see the letters and the word and write the word.  Plus, it’s going to be great for fine motor skills!

Now, if you don’t have the Heidi Swapp light box and letters….go get one.  Michaels has a huge selection.  But ya’ll know my love of Amazon so I ordered mine from Amazon.   But if have a light box or light table in your classroom, you could use the transparent pictures on those with letter tiles or magnetic letters!

Light Box CVC Word Building Freebies!

30 CVC Word pictures!


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  • Reply Kimberly February 22, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    Hello Mr. Greg, I printed my light box pictures on the transparency and they smeared. Ugh! Any thoughts? Kimberly

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