Ya’ll know I love to scour the aisles of Target and Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree to find fun things for my little ‘staches to use in the classroom!   And if I can’t find enough goodies there, then I browse the interwebs!  Well thank you Wal-Mart and Oriental Trading because I found some amazing items to throw together Bunny Counting!  This hands on, engaging Easter math activity (or Spring math activity because bunnies last all spring) is easy to prep and fun so your kids will love doing it!  I mean, who wouldn’t love chocolate bunny eggs?!   Seriously.  Read on!

First I found these silicone baking trays at Wal-Mart.  They’re great for making crayons…and they’re great for ten frames.  Cuz they’re silicone and you can cut them apart to make ten frames.  (RANT:  Why don’t companies understand the need for things to be in groups of ten so we can use them for ten frames…..just sayin…).  The silicone bunny pan is $4.97 from Wal-Mart.  I trimmed of four of the bunnies and cut the pan in half to make ten frames.

spring math center      bunny counting

Then I found these adorable (ADORBS) chocolate bunny eggs at Oriental Trading ($4.99 for 12) and had to have them.  (PS  I said I was not buying more eggs until I used my 3 boxes full….but these are chocolate bunny eggs…).

bunny counting

Next, I made these cute bunny numbers using adorable bunny (Peeps!) clipart from Jen Hart Design (The official clip artist of the Kindergarten Smorgasboard).

easter math

And for counters we’re using these bunny erasers from Oriental Trading!

bunny counting

Super simple.  Print the  numbers.  Do not laminate!   Fold the numbers and place them in a chocolate bunny.

Students choose a bunny.  Open the bunny.  Say the number.  Make the ten frame using the bunny erasers.  And on their recording sheet they write the number and make the ten frame!

bunny counting    

Bunny Counting Freebie

easter counting

For more PEEPs fun, check out this post:

bunny counting


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