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Four years ago we created our ABC BOOTCAMP curriculum.  After the first year and seeing how effective that curriculum resource was, we knew we wanted to keep the learning fun going for all of our curriculum.  Today I am showing you how we have used TKS Bootcamp’s Subtraction Bootcamp in our classroom with great results!

subtraction bootcamp

Subtraction Bootcamp starts with a whole group lesson.  We create a circle chart to find all of the equations that equal the number on our circle chart.

subtraction bootcamp

For the circle maps, we do it two ways.  One way is to place all of the equations in a pocket chart and the students locate the equations the belong on the circle map.

kindergarten subtraction

The second way, which you see in the video, is to go through the equations quickly to work on fluency and mental math skills!

Following the whole group lesson students do differentiated small group work and independent practice using our MISSION Subtraction activity and our student circle maps!

For students who need some extra practice with subtraction, they do their own circle chart.  They are given a page of equations and they find the equations that belong on their circle map!

subtraction lessons

Our MISSION Subtraction activity is a more challenging activity for students who have mastered subtraction and need a challenge.  These are like word searches but for subtraction.  The students go across the row and find two numbers that equal the answer.  When this was first introduced we did it together in a small group and went slowly number by number.  After the first one, the students completed their MISSION on their own!

subtraction bootcamp

Also included are centers and other activities for small group and whole group instruction such as equation building and sorting!

So does it work?  Here’s a graph showing our growth in subtraction to 5 (I’ll update with subtraction to 10 after I finish assessing tomorrow!)

Subtraction Bootcamp In Action

subtraction bootcamp

We also have Addition Bootcamp which follows the exact same process and includes the same activities!

subtraction bootcamp

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