Camping and Subtraction: Schedulin’ Sunday

schedulin sunday arctic animals

Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday!    This week’s Schedulin Sunday is coming to at 11:30 pm on Saturday night!  True story!   So if it’s short or if you see any mistakes, it’s because it’s about 2 hours past my bedtime. Don’t judge!   I’m super excited about the next two weeks (not because it’s the last two weeks….I don’t want this year to end because this group of kids is amazing!!) because we’re going camping!  I am pumped to do our first camping unit!!!!

Camping And Subtraction Lesson Plans!

camping lesson plans

As always you can click on the image to download my weekly lesson plans about camping and writing and subtraction to 10!

Camping Research

camping ideas kindergarten


We will be using my soon to be released Camping Research Project to learn and write about camping!   We will make anchor charts about camping and write about camping.  The students will label a camper and we will do camping crafts.  And yes, our classroom will become Camp:  Mustache!

There are no pictures because this a new unit or theme for us!   But here’s what he have planned:

handprint fire art project (brown paper logs and orange, red and yellow handprints for fire)

S’mores sequencing and writing

S’mores craft

Tent craft (make a tent and put picture of students inside)

You can’t go camping without making s’mores!   We will use graham crackers, marshmallow fluff and a Hershey bar to make s’mores!

Camping Books

For Mad Science, we’re doing Soda Science!

soda science

Our alphabet countdown continues with H for hat day, G for glitter bombs, F for flyswatter painting, E for exercise and D for dogs and doughnuts!

For more on our ALPHABET COUNTDOWN check out this post for ideas and freebies!

Math- Subtraction

In math, we will be practicing subtraction with Subtraction Bootcamp!   And we’re continuing our timed fluency tests with our FLASH Math Fluency creation!  We do 50 problems in 5 minutes and make it a game for the students.  The data is not posted or shared and we only do our best each day!

subtraction bootcamp

Here’s how we’re using Subtraction Bootcamp to practice and differentiate our subtraction lessons!

Whole Group-circle chart where we find equations to equal the answer.

subtraction bootcamp

Independent Practice-student circle charts where students work independently to find the equations for their circle maps.

subtract to 10

Small Groups-Mission Subtraction for higher order thinking.  Students must find two numbers together that equal the answer. Like a crossword puzzle!

      addition bootcamp

math fluency

Here are some more fun subtraction activities and games!

Chasing Chicks!   Use yellow balloons.  Write subtraction equations on the balloons (chicks).  Students “chase the chickens” and grab a chicken.  Write and solve the equation!   Check out the video here:

Get the FREE recording sheet below!

subtraction games

Subtraction Cups!

subtraction to 10

Click the image to see how to make the cups and get your FREE labels!

Camping Freebies

camping emergent reader camping poem

camping kindergarten

  These are the resources and creations we are using this week:

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