Fidget Spinners Math And Literacy Centers

Show of hands:  how many teachers had fidget spinners show up in your classroom?  These little spinners are all the rage with our kids this year.  Unless you’re living under a rock you know this.  You also know there was all kinds of controversy over the use of these little devices that can cost up to $100.  For serious.  Why did I not invent $100 fidget spinners?!   So, instead of fighting against something that students enjoy, why not embrace those things?  We can save ourselves a lot of stress if we find ways to embrace these things in our classroom.

So, why not use fidget spinners to teach standards and academics!?

fidget spinners

You’ll need fidget spinners, paper plates, cardstock and a marker.   I got my fidget spinners at Target for $5.  (No $100 gold fidget spinner for me!)

First, cut a small triangle from cardstock and tape or glue the triangle to one part of the spinner.  This serves as the pointer.

Next,  write letters and numbers around the edge of the plate.

Students put the spinner on their plate and spin!  When the spinner stops, they color the letter, number or picture for the beginning sound!   See, fidget spinners can be used to meet standards and keep gets engaged and MAKE LEARNING FUN!!!

fidget spinners for math and literacy

Click the image to get your 3 recording sheets for letters, numbers and sounds!

And the great thing about this ideas?  It can be used for so many skills!   Adding and subtracting, making ten frames, onset/rime word building, sight words and so many more!

fidget spinners


Credit:  teach-me-mommy.com

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