Daily Schedule: Fitting It All In

Here it is!   Our 2017-2018 kindergarten daily schedule!

daily schedule

Click the schedule image to download my daily schedule!

Here’s some real talk for ya’ll.  I am not a fan of this schedule.  If you notice, I see my students for about 3 hours in the morning.  And then I see them for an hour at the end of the day.  And with math being at the end of the day, our math instruction is going to be a challenge.   In fact, this whole schedule is a challenge  so I thought I would share how I plan to fit it all in!

Literacy/Science/Social Studies/Art

8:00-10:00 is basically literacy.  Morning Meeting contains a lot of literacy so that’s a 2 hour literacy block.  8:15-9:00 is whole group literacy instruction.

9:00-10:00 is small groups and centers.

10:00-11:00 will be science and social studies.  This is when we will do our art projects each day.  As well as our hands on science experiments.   In the past, we’ve done Mad Science Fridays but this year it will be Mad Science Thursdays!  We will be doing our science experiments on Thursdays and Foodie Fun Friday on Fridays!

Yes.  We will be using that science and social studies block for art.  And yes that is OK.  Here’s why:  so much science and social studies will be integrated into that whole group instruction with our research projects.  These research projects bring science and social studies into the literacy block.  Check out these posts for more on our research projects:


Besides, art is a must do in our classroom.  Our students need art every day.  It allows for conversation, vocabulary, critical thinking and higher order thinking.

Check out this post to read my thoughts on art in the classroom:

art in the classroom


As for math, that’s a new challenge with this daily schedule.  Math at the end of the day, following specials=exhausted kiddos!  So, this year I’m thinking a quick calendar routine, a math song and or two and then all small group instruction and math centers!   This means the kids are moving and have choice in their centers so that will help with some of that exhaustion.  The small group instruction means our math lessons will be very targeted!


Check out our centers and research projects on our TKS store and on TPT!

daily schedule

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