Five Senses And Human Body: Schedulin’ Sunday

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, here comes  Schedulin’ Sunday and our human body and five senses week!

This week we’re learning about our five senses and our human body!  Plus working on numbers and counting to 10!    Click the image to download my lesson plans!

five senses lesson plans

 This week we continue our ABC BOOTCAMP and NUMBER BOOTCAMP!   This week is letters I-L and numbers 5-8!

  Circle maps!  Hats!  Handwriting!

abc bootcamp  number bootcamp

abc bootcampnumber bootcamp circle map

letter recognition abc bootcamp

And yes, it’s five senses and human body week!

We will be using our Human Body research project to learn about how our bodies work!

five senses kindergarten

We start off learning about our five senses.  And then we read My Five Senses by Aliki and label our five senses while discussing what each sense does for us.

five senses lessons

Check out our Five Senses Research Project

Then we start focus on the human body while learning about different parts of the body.  This week we learn about the heart, the brain and our skeleton!   For each body system or human body part, we read a book and make a tree map.  Then we do a simple art project or science experiment!  (No pictures, ya’ll!  This is a brand new theme/unit for us!!!!!   Stay tuned for the pictures!)

We are reading these books this week:

Foodie Fun Friday

And finally, we eat!   This week’s Foodie Fun Friday will be about using our five senses while eating popcorn!  We will use our five senses to describe popcorn!  Then of course we will eat lots of popcorn!  Click on the image to get your free chart labels!


Math-Ten Frames, Numbers And Number Bootcamp!

In math, we are using ten frames to practice number recognition and counting!  We use our SmartBoard to practice counting with ten frames!  This serves as a great introduction to using our SmartBoard!

ten frames

And then we learn how to play roll and color!   We do this whole group first and then we practice independently!

Here is a fun freebie for your class to practice roll and color!

roll and color

 Solar Eclipse

If you’re lucky enough to be in school Monday, check out our Solar Eclipse 2017 emergent reader and research project!

These are the creations we are using in our classroom this week!



five senses lesson plans

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