2D Shapes Sorts And Anchor Charts

We have been in the midst of SHAPES BOOTCAMP learning about 2D shapes and I came across this idea from A Day In First Grade and just had to implement it in my classroom!  I’m always looking for new lessons and activities every year so this was a perfect complement to our SHAPES BOOTCAMP! Plus it’s very low prep, high engagement, and lots of learning.  And it makes a HUGE MESS which is a must in our classroom!  My motto:  the messier the better!

All you need is some butcher paper and magazines.

Use the butcher paper to make some large shape anchor charts. Make them in the actual shapes you want the students to locate. We used a circle, square, rectangle, and triangle!

2D shape sort

Provide students with magazines and tell them to find pictures of each shape.  They cut out the shape and glue the shape to the anchor chart.  I actually stood at the anchor charts and had the students name the shape each time so we were getting constant 2D shapes identification practice!  And speaking of magazines.  I use lots of home and garden type magazines!  They have the best pictures for all sorts of projects.  And I don’t spend any time censoring magazines.  Occasionally we see beer or wine and that’s ok.   We giggle and move on!

2D shapes

Learning should be messy and just look at the mess we made!!!!   (And then we cleaned it all up!)

Our final 2D shapes anchor charts!  We had the most trouble finding triangles and squares!

If you’re looking for more shapes fun, check out SHAPES BOOTCAMP!  This is a research-based, classroom-proven 2D and 3D shapes curriculum that is part of the TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum! Click the image below for more information on Shapes Bootcamp by TKS!

And for more fun 2D shapes ideas click here!

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