Hanukkah Subitizing FREEBIES!

Today I’m sharing our newest Hanukkah subitizing freebies!   These Hanukkah subitizing cards and videos make an engaging math lesson.  And, they’re a fun way to practice number fluency.   Subitizing is simply  recognizing how many without counting.  Subitizing is also about recognizing patterns.   This is a key foundational skill for math success!

There are two versions of the videos:  a slow version and a fast version!  First,  we use the slower version to work on subitizing.  Next, we will also use the fast version to challenge ourselves.  And we will build number fluency!  The videos are for subitizing to 10 with ten frames, how many and tally marks.  Finally, the subitizing cards are for subitizing to 20 with ten frames!

Hanukkah Subitizing Cards Freebie


Hanukkah Subitizing Videos

Slower Version:


Fast Version:


Christmas and Gingerbread Resources:

For more subitizing freebies, check out these videos:

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Shamrocks, Rainbows And Teeth Subitizing


hanukkah subitizing freebies

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