Addition Bootcamp!

We begin introducing addition in the first 9 weeks of kindergarten.  True story.  The kids learn that add means put together.  The rest of the wear we work on adding to 10 and 20 and building our addition fluency.  In the spring, we introduce Addition Bootcamp!  Addition Bootcamp is a differentiated kindergarten addition curriculum that can be used whole group, small group and independently!

addition kindergarten

Addition Bootcamp:  Whole Group

The whole group portion of Addition Bootcamp starts with a circle map and equation cards.

addition bootcamp

This is how I set it up in our classroom.  I place the equation cards for 3 numbers in the pocket chart.  In this pocket chart are equations that equal 5, 6,  and 7.   First, students study the equations for a few seconds and then we find the equations that go on the circle map.  Next, a student chooses an equation.  Then, we read the equation and answer.  Finally, we decide if the equation belongs on the circle map!

addition circle map kindergarten addition

Addition Bootcamp:  Differentiated Small Group/Independent PRactice

After the whole group lesson, we do some differentiated practice.  These activities can be done in small groups or independently.

One group is working on individual circle maps.  These are the students who need additional practice adding two numbers together.

kindergarten addition activities

For students who need more challenge, we have our Mission: Addition activities!   This challenging activity ahs students finding two numbers that equal the Mission number!

kindergarten math

Check out this LIVE video of Addition Bootcamp in our classroom!

For more information on the TKS Bootcamp Curriculum CLICK HERE!!

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