Kindergarten Math Games: Connect 4

Who doesn’t love a good game of Connect 4?  I mean all of the strategizing and excitement when you see the chance to block someone from getting Connect 4.  Or the rush when you see your opponent missed their chance to block you and you are just mere seconds from yelling “CONNECT FOUR!”   So I found some Connect 4 games on Amazon for about $8 and of course I ordered a couple for the classroom.  These are great for indoor recess days but I also wanted to create some differentiated kindergarten math games for my students.

kindergarten math games

All you need is a Connect 4 game and game pieces.  You can order additional game pieces from the Hasbro website!

Connect 4 Equations

First up, I wanted one of our kindergarten math games to have students solving equations and placing the equation and answer in the Connect 4 board.  Kind of like…playing….Connect 4.  But without getting Connect 4.  Students can play in pairs.  They take turns choosing the equation and finding the answer.   Finally, they write the equation and answer on their paper!

First, I used red and yellow dot stickers and wrote the equations on red and the answers on yellow.  Place the stickers on Connect 4 pieces.

connect 4 math games

kindergarten blog kindergarten math games

Connect 4 Addition

The second game I created is to give students practice using manipulatives to solve addition equations with the “put together” strategy!

I printed out these simple Connect 4 equation cards.  Students choose a card and place the correct number of game pieces in the board.  Then they can write the equation and solve by counting the game pieces.  This is a great math strategy to practice addition as “put together!”

Grab your free kindergarten math games cards here!

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