Guided Reading Toolbox

Guided reading and small group instruction is some of the most valuable instructional time in our classrooms.  This times gives us so much insight into our students thinking and gives us the chance to really work on their focus areas.  That’s why it’s so important to maximize this time and one way we can do that is with a guided reading toolbox.

Maximize Your Time

Ya’ll, I am so bad at this.  I have tons of stuff in my guided reading drawers so I’m always fishing for stuff during our guided reading lesson.  And then I have to send someone  to get scissors for us or a pencil.  It might seem like a small thing but those minutes add up.  So I knew I had to do something to really make the best use of these 10-15 minutes of small group instruction.  Cut to the school supply aisle at War-Mart and idea was born.

The Guided Reading Toolbox

guided reading toolbox

The idea is simple:   create a guided reading toolbox to use during guided reading.   So when the kids sit down at the table the toolbox is there waiting for them.  I created 6 toolboxes since none of my groups have more than 6 students.  I included general supplies that we use for our lessons and activities in guided reading.  Now, we don’t have to go get scissors or pencils or wait on Mr. Greg to dig out some dry erase markers.  We just pop open our toolbox and grab what we need!

Guided Reading Toolbox Supplies

guided reading kindergarten

Here’s what I included:

pencil box ($1 at Was-Mart)-storage

Crayons (.50 at Was-Mart)-drawing and coloring in TKS BOOTCAMP student books, Sight Word 60 grids

Ticonderoga Pencils (Amazon)-writing and drawing in student books from TKS BOOTCAMP

Magnetic letters ($1 at Target)-word work, letter and sound identification, names

Dry Erase Markers-word work, name writing, letter formation

Felt Tip Markers-handwriting (the friction of the felt tip markers on paper is good for muscle memory and improves handwriting!)

Now that we have an awesome guided reading toolbox to help us make the most of our small group time, we need some activities for guided reading, small group math and small group lessons.

Scholastic Teachables For Small Group Instruction

Our friends at Scholastic Teachables have some great resources for small group instruction.  And I am excited to have some exclusive printables at Scholastic Teachables!

scholastic printables

These spinner games are meant to be no prep and engaging and are great for some small group instruction!

All of these teachable and thousands more are available at the Scholastic Teachables website!  BUT someone is going to win a ONE YEAR GOLD subscription to the website!  That’s valued at $59.99!  Just enter with the Rafflecopter below!

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