Shapes Bootcamp And Apples: Schedulin’ Sunday

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday!  This week we are on week 2 of our Apples Research Project!  And we are kicking off the next component of our TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum:  Shapes Bootcamp!  Plus we’re doing our week long review of letters and sounds with an epic surprise planned!

Lesson Plans For Shapes Bootcamp, Letters And Sounds,  and Apples 

Here are our lesson plans for introducing letters and sounds and numbers!    Click the image to download my lesson plans!

kindergarten lessons



This week is our ABC BOOTCAMP review week.  We have finished all 26 letters and sounds so we spend a week reviewing all letters and sounds with a focus on the most missed letters and sounds.  We use our ESGI data to target those missed letters and sounds.

Here is our 2018-2019 data from 26 days of ABC BOOTCAMP!

As part of our review, we will be using our sound hunt activity from ABC BOOTCAMP!  This is a small group lesson that will target our sounds that we need more practice with!

kindergarten phonics

We are also using our ABC BOOTCAMP Student Alphabet books in small groups!  These student books allow for differentiation to meet the needs of all students and is a great way to practice beginning sounds!

And we are using the new ABC BOOTCAMP decodable readers and alphabet books!

For more on ABC BOOTCAMP, check out this blog post:

letters and sounds

As part of our review week we have something pretty SWEET planned!  It’s top secret for now…but…

Apple Unit:  Apple Research Project

This week we’re kicking off our two week apple unit using our Apple Research Project!

We will review our  apples  schema map and add al of our new learning, as well as address misconceptions!

apples kindergarten

This week we are making a tree map about what apples look like, what they make and what they need.  We will study the life cycle of an apple and use our higher order thinking skills to do a true/false sort about apples!  And we are graphing our favorite apple!

apples kindergarten

Ya’ll, no apple is complete without apple prints!   So we’re getting messy and making some apple prints!

apple prints

These are the books we’re reading this week:

For more apple fun and more ideas for your apple theme or apple unit, check out this apple post:

Foodie Fun Friday

Our Foodie Fun Friday this week will be an apple tasting party!  We will taste different apples and graph our favorite!

Math:  Shapes Bootcamp

In math we are kicking off SHAPES BOOTCAMP to introduce and study 2D shapes!

We kick off Shapes Bootcamp with a 2D shapes sort!  This serves a pre-assessment and post assessment.  We also asses shape recognition with ESGI as a pre and post assessment!2D shapes

For each 2D shape, we do a word web or bubble map!  For each shape, we count the sides, identify how many vertices, straight or curved lines, 2D or 3D and we find real life objects for that shape!

shapes kindergarten shapes bootcamp

shape activities kindergarten

One of our favorite shape activities is our giant shape sort using magazines and giant shape anchor charts!  The students cut shapes from magazines, show me the shape, identify the shape and glue it to the correct anchor chart!

For more details on this hands on shape lesson, check out this post:

Mad Science Thursday

This week our  Mad Science science experiment is making a rainbow using Skittles!  It’s perfect for our Thursday surprise!

kindergarten science

Shapes Emergent Reader

These are the creations we are using in our classroom this week!



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